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Editorial/Print Design & Art Direction


Web/UX Design


Identity/Packaging Design

Yugen Magazine

Yugen is a magazine concept based around the Japanese word Yugen, which means "an awareness of the universe that triggers emotional responses too deep and mysterious for words." Many of the articles featured in Yugen magazine are about space and the universe, but anything that could be considered awe-inspiring is welcome. Yugen is for people who are interested in science and space, and want to learn new, incredible things about the universe they live in.

For this project, I had to make three covers: one featuring a person, one featuring a place, and one featuring a thing. I then had to make a sample spread to accompany each cover, as well as a contents page and a department page.

**PLEASE NOTE: All images, with the exception of the "person cover," are not mine, and I do not own the rights to them. They were not used for any commercial purposes.

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