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Editorial/Print Design & Art Direction


Web/UX Design


Identity/Packaging Design

Candid Magazine

For my senior thesis project, I created a magazine called Candid. Candid is a women's magazine that celebrates women as they are instead of pushing them to be "perfect." There is a huge problem in media of manipulating images of women to make them look flawless, which sets an unrealistic and unnatainable standard of beauty. Candid aims to help this problem by not manipulating photos and by providing articles that are educational, thoughtful, and inspiring. The cover and a few sample spreads can be seen below. The full magazine is 67 pages long.


**PLEASE NOTE: All images, with the exception of the spread titled "Beauty Lurking in the Shadows" are not mine, and I do not own the rights to them. They were not used for any commercial purposes. The content for the articles also comes from other sources. 

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