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Identity/Packaging Design

TexereSilk 2016 Catalog

As Communication Designer for New England Mercantile Group, I am in change of designing the annual printed catalog. The catalog has to show as much of TexereSilk's full product offering as possible, but I have to work within certain constraints to make sure the catalog doesn't weigh too much for shipping.

I conceptualized, designed, and executed the entire 2016 catalog from start to finish. We had only done two editorial/lifestyle photo shoots at the time, so I had to use a mix of lifestyle photos and product shots on a white background.


All still life/flat images of clothing were taken and edited by me. Some of the lifestyle images were taken by me (pgs. 50, 54, 64, 65, and 69). I was also heavily involved with the art direction for the two lifestyle shoots that were used to create this catalog. The shoots were executed by the entire photo shoot team. Input was given by the rest of the photo shoot/design team to perfect the finishing touches of this catalog. The cover as well as some sample spreads can be seen below.


To view a full, interactive version of this catalog, click here.


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