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The Short Version

I'm a Connecticut-based communication designer with a passion for art direction, photography, photo editing, video editing, and editorial design. I am driven by my desire to continuously learn new skills and explore my wide range of interests within the arts. My attention to detail and ability to learn quickly helps me to succeed in any kind of creative environment. 


The Long Version

Although I mainly practice photography and design, my creative journey began with drawing. I began taking private drawing lessons when I was 5 years old, and continued taking them all the way until I was 18. 

I was always interested in photography, but mostly just did it as a hobby. I received my first DSLR as a graduation gift, and decided to start taking it more seriously. I started teaching myself photographic techniques, took classes in photography, and slowly built up my collection of lenses and photo gear.


When I interned as a photo editor at a wedding planning website, I was introduced to the world of wedding photography and loved what I saw. I decided to pursue my interest by photographing weddings, which then led to other genres of photography such as engagements and family shoots.

I am a long-time user of the Adobe Creative Suite, especially Photoshop. I have been editing and retouching photos since I was in middle school, and that passion has stayed with me to this day. My education at Parsons The New School for Design fine-tuned my skills and taught me so much about what it means to be a designer. I truly love what I do, and I strive to show that passion through my work.

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