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Type: Experimental short

Role: Camera operator, producer, editor

Year of production:2011

Running Time: 2:06 min

For this project, my class was given the task of creating a short film based on a randomly selected word. The word I chose was "overlooked." I based the concept of this short on the beauty of nature and how it is often overlooked in the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life. I focused on small details to show the beauty that can be found in everyday situations.

Salzwedel Concentration Camp Reunion: A Liberator and Survivors Speak


Type: Short documentary film

Role: Senior editor

Aired on JLTV: 2014

Running Time: 24:38 min

I worked on this project as Senior Editor, going back and forth with the Producer of the film and the J Report host to perfect this short and prepare it for television. The short tells the story of a WWII veteran who liberated a concentration camp, and how he met two survivors from that camp. The touching story can be seen on episode 47 of The J Report titled "Honoring Our Past." To see the entire short film, click here and begin at 23:24.

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