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Editorial/Print Design & Art Direction

TexereSilk 2018 Catalog

As Communication Designer for New England Mercantile Group, I am in change of designing the annual printed catalog. The catalog has to show as much of TexereSilk's full product offering as possible, but I have to work within certain constraints to make sure the catalog doesn't weigh too much for shipping.

I conceptualized, designed, and executed the entire 2018 catalog from start to finish, which began with the layout. I had to determine the flow of the catalog first. This included considerations such as which items to group together and how much space each item needed. I planned out the entire layout of the catalog in as much detail as possible to ensure that the next steps would go smoothly.

Below are a couple examples of spreads from my plan next to the final spreads that ended up being printed in the catalog. For reference, a yellow square represents a photo that needed to be taken, and a blue square indicates that flat shots needed to be taken.



Web/UX Design


Identity/Packaging Design

After creating and finalizing the plan for the catalog, I led the planning of the photo shoot with the help of the photo shoot team. I was in charge of choosing and booking the models, location, and photographer, determining hair & makeup, and creating the shot list (all with the input of the team). Every detail was planned ahead of time, and all factors were considered including where the light was coming into the house, which room we were going to be shooting in, the timing of the models, hair & makeup changes, props, and of course lunch!

During the shoot, I made sure that every shot was directed to fit correctly in its place in the catalog. I had the layout planned out, so I knew if the photographer needed to leave room on one side for swatches or what kind of position the model needed to be in to fit the photo in the space.

All still life/flat images of the clothing were taken and edited by me, including photos of color stacks and fabric swatches. Every spread of the catalog was meticulously color corrected to ensure the utmost accuracy of the clothing represented, as well as consistent coloring across the spread.

The cover of the catalog as well as some spreads can be seen below. To view a full, interactive version of the catalog, click here.


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