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Editorial/Print Design & Art Direction

Boston Museum of Science Rebrand

In my Brand Experience Design class, we were given a project to rebrand a museum. I chose the Boston Museum of Science, because I felt that their current branding does not reflect how fun, entertaining, and educational the museum is. 


Above is their current branding. It doesn't reflect how incredibly interactive and exciting the museum is. You would never be able to tell from the outside that it is a museum full of educational, hands-on exhibits and live shows that are fun for kids and adults alike. I wanted to get that across in my rebrand.


I created this base logo:



Web/UX Design


Identity/Packaging Design

Because the museum is so interactive, I wanted to create a logo you can interact with. I created circular badges to represent each area of the museum:


The badges can be used as part of the logo:


I updated the signage and outside of the museum with the new branding:


I wrote a tagline "Where education meets entertainment" and included it in the new design for their website:


I also designed options for merchadise such as shopping bags, pins, and t-shirts:


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